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End-user Applications

Solutions for Smart Travel and Vehicle Interior Design Improvements

SANAN Optoelectronics designs and produces LED headlights, rear combination lamps, exterior illuminating lamps, interactive interior and exterior light, full color and high-power LED devices for other automobile lighting and sensing. These products are widely used by international well-known customers like Bentley, Porsche, McLaren, Aston Martin, Audi, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Daimler AMG and other domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers.

SANAN Optoelectronics continues to innovate through R&D, and investment in strategic intellectual property and brand name creations. By relying on its LED chip advantages, SANAN excels in rapidly responding to customer demand, continues to provide high-quality, and environmental-friendly intelligent lighting products for global customers. Its wide intelligent product range also enables automotive customers to enrich their product design in both functionality and appearance.


Exploring the Lighting Impossibilities

SANAN Optoelectronics persists in the R&D of intelligent automotive lighting technology. It continues to promote intelligent automotive lighting systems and expands new capabilities for smarter and safer car lighting.

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    Dome or Courtesy Light

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    Interior Ambient Light

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    Car Headlights

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    Aston Martin Rear Lights

  • binli.jpg

    Bentley Rear Lights

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    Rolls-Royce Rear Taillight

  • maikailun-680.jpg

    McLaren Headlights

Less Power Consumption, Longer Mileage

SANAN Optoelectronics deployed the latest technology in its wide bandgap semiconductor products and it supports the automotive makers to design electric cars with high efficiency, low energy consumption by lowering its total system cost with a high voltage, large current and high temperature system solution.

The Silicon carbide MOSFET produced by SANAN Optoelectronics sustainably supports the transition of electric cars from silicon substrate IGBT to silicon carbide MOSFET architecture. Power system using silicon carbide MOSFET is smaller, lighter and more efficient, and it can reduce nearly 80% power consumption of vehicles and extend 10% driving distance.


Go for Silicon Carbide

The innovation and development of SANAN optoelectronics SiC products makes car battery run more efficient for a longer vehicle mileage. At the same time, the use of SiC power device also lower the total system cost of charging infrastructure, and this will make the complete charging network a reality.

The advanced chip technology of SANAN Optoelectronics targets to support the artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, automatic charging and intelligent route planning. It also aims to enhance or easy the driver's experience. Along with the continuous application of new system, the popularity of electric cars, SANAN is contributing its efforts to realize a greener travel and low-carbon life.

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